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Lyle Overbay traded to Toronto


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Props to Iowa, for getting the updated trade.


The Blue Jays have acquired Lyle Overbay and a prospect from the Brewers in exchange for David Bush, Gabe Gross and Zach Jackson, according to FOXSports.com's Ken Rosenthal.


No Shea Hillenbrand. This is a better deal for Milwaukee, even if they wouldn't seem to have any use for Gross, not with Corey Hart and Nelson Cruz also around. Bush will go right into the rotation. Jackson, a left-hander chosen 32nd overall in 2004, was one of the Jays' top pitching prospects. He's a year away, but he could be a No. 3.

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Bush alone should be worth Overbay.. but to get back this pitching prospect Jackson is gravy.


Milwaukee looks like they're going to be Cleveland this year.. I wouldn't put them making a run at the division past this them.


I love the direction this team is going with Weeks, Prince, Hardy, CLee and Hart. I will be interested to see what they do with Geoff Jenkins at the deadline, Brady Clark and their catching situation...


...and if they re-sign CLee to a deal after this year. He will cash in big time next year. I wonder if they will be able to afford him.


I do like that staff a lot... Sheets, Capuano, Davis and Bush.. along with Turnbow in the pen. Solid.



..oh, and Miller Park is freakin awesome. I went up there for the Marlins series.. very sweet stadium. Good fans too

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He won't be in a couple years when they're winning 90+ games every year.



well he did make hte rangers into a team that actually won a division and still is underrated....


the brewers have done an amazing job in terms of the draft and trades in the past 4 years. Hiring Ned Yost was a great, great hire.


Really, they have done all the right things since Melvin came on board. And they are even bringing back the old uniforms now too.


Next thing you know Brewer fans will be finally celebrating a World Series title at this pace.

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