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Jayson Stark's Winter Meeting Winner... the Marlins! (sort of)


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Marlins (Fire-Sale Division): If you're judging winners and losers by their ability to win next year (or even their ability to draw more than 750 fans a night), the Marlins are this winter's biggest losers. But if you just judge them from the context of the hand their baseball people were dealt when their stadium plan detonated for the final time, they did an amazing job. They've added 15 young players for the household names they sold off -- and every one of them figures to play in the big leagues. "If you're going to hold a fire sale," said one scouting director, "at least they got the right names." Of course, all but two of them are pitchers. So who knows how they'll field a whole team every night. "We're going to have Dontrelle [Willis] play left field on the nights he doesn't pitch," quipped one Marlins executive. "And when [Joe] Girardi isn't managing, he can catch."

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