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Colorado Rockies?


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Hey with all this Marlins financial business we're dealing with...I got to thinking about our expansion brothers...


I don't know, and I'm wondering if anyone here does...how well off are they in terms of finances, revenue, attendance, the "health" of the franchise and so on...


I know about the on-field product, but never knew much about the rest of their situation. I know they're not New York or Boston of course but ere they well enough off? How's the market over there for baseball?


Thanks guys!

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The Rockies are doing alright for themselves. Obviously the team isn't in the best of shape to compete but there's still a pretty significant amount of draw for fans here. The sad thing is that looking at the Rockies basically solidifys the fact that the Marlins need a new stadium downtown. Despite how bad the Rockies are, Coors Field is a great place to watch a ballgame and is located right in LoDo, a great part of Denver. The owners aren't making tons of money but are making a profit and the franchise is in good shape.

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The rockies get 0 support from most local media outlets, the owners are ripped relentlessly (the last few years anyway) for not spending any real money AND STILL they draw 24k+ a night. The radio guys here even lambast the fans who still attend the games because they're still supporting the "greedy, cheap ownership" (they are relying on their system and making a buck, nothing wrong with that in my eyes).


The Reason people still go?


Coors Field.


I live about 5 minutes from the field and on gamedays i can see baseball in the streets. People were genuinely still excited on game days last year even when the rox were 20 games out. This is a football town much like Miami but if the rox can do this well on the merits of their stadium I could only imagie how Florida would respond.


The team is meh, the pitching will never be great due to the altitude but people will still come because of the comforts of Coors. Tickets are reasonable, food is good, and the beer - well, the beer is damn cold.

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