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Hagman traded to the Stars


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Potential? Hockey Pundits that I trust have always had him as a checking line forward. This is for the best. Hagman never fulfilled his potential. Right now, this team needs to get rid of its loose weight. It allows Serge Payer, who is a much better player than Hagman, to play.



How is Serge Payer a much better player than Hagman? Payer is a fringe NHLer -- hell, I'd go as far as saying he'd be on most teams' AHL affiliates. He's a 13th forward at best.


Hagman was dissapointing, but he hustled his ass off every game...I'd rather see a lazy slug like Jozef Stumpel shipped off, but since Keenan signed Stumpel it probably would bruise his ego to admit he made a mistake. :banghead

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I used to love Hagman's energy. For a time, that energy was bolstered with some scoring as well, but that hasn't been the case for a while.


It doesn't seem so long ago when I thought Hagman & Huselius would be mainstays on this team for years.


Disappointing to see him dealt but that's what happens when the team plays like this. 7th rounder??? Christ...

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