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The situation at second base


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What's the situation at second base? And who will play left field now that Miguel Cabrera will be moved to third base?

-- Manuel M., Miami


For now -- and, as you've seen, the wheeling and dealing isn't done -- untested Josh Wilson and Alfredo Amezaga are probable candidates. Robert Andino may see work there in Spring Training, but Andino is expected to compete with Hanley Ramirez for the shortstop spot. Andino is a natural shortstop, and a switch to second has not been determined. Wilson, a shortstop at Triple-A, went to the Arizona Fall League to work at second, and he is progressing.


Expect more trades and signings, however, before the start of Spring Training. A name to keep an eye on at second base is Jamey Carroll of the Nationals. Carroll and Ryan Church have been mentioned in trade talks with Arizona for Javier Vazquez.


Left field is wide open. Chris Aguila and Reggie Abercrombie are possibilities. My personal sleeper choice for left field is Bernie Williams. The longtime Yankees great was offered salary arbritration by the club and could end up back in New York, but if the Yankees can't work out a contract with Williams by Jan. 8, he could end up as a free agent. Maybe his connections to Joe Girardi, and the possible willingness to sign a reasonable contract (with deferred payments if necessary) would make Florida attractive. He's already won championships, and perhaps the prospect of helping groom a young team in a market like Miami -- which is a short flight from his native Puerto Rico -- would appeal to him.


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