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Heading to New York in January

Cambridge Marlin

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Am heading to New York in January with my girlfriend and was wondering what would be best to do/see as I haven't been to the US before. We are staying for 4-5 days and have already booked tickets for the Knicks. Any suggestions/ideas would be most welcome. Also if anyone knows the best way/link from a site that will tell me all this from JFK to Central Manhatten around Time Square I would be most appreciative. Cheers.

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If you can only do one museum, I recommend the Museum of Natural History, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art is fantatstic if you're an art buff.


The Empire State Building's roof-deck is much more impressive at night, although you can see further during day-light.


If you've never been, then Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Central Park are musts.

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The museums Swift mentioned are definite musts. There's also the Museum of Modern Art -- has a restaurant, The Moderne, that looks out on the sculpture garden and the food is not bad.


If you or your girlfriend are interested in the trendy new restaurants, there are several in the meat-packing district which is a hot spot. One of them is called Pastis (food is very good) and directly accross the street from it there is a hotel. You can go to the very top of the hotel for drinks and since it's enclosed, you won't freeze. The view from there is fantastic! Another good restaurant in the same neighborhood is Spice Market.


Wooster Projects is a really nice gallery. a lot of Warhols, Lichtensteins, Hockneys. If you like pop art it's a nice place to visit.


Get a good city guide because there are just too many great neighborhoods to explore.

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