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End of Exile

Das Texan

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Join me as together my people work to free the great citizens of Jerusalem from the evil hands of the Pagans, and restore Jerusalem to her true identity, that being the great city it always has been. Join me as we come down and liberate her people, to make Jerusalem once more a bastion for the one true religion, that of Christ. Join me as transform Jerusalem into the true Christian city it should be, the true Christian city it is meant to be.



Together we can and will liberate this great city from the Pagan rulers that currently rule with an iron fist over this great and holy city.

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Back then?


When has that area NOT been 'something of significance?'


Dripping with sarcasm! Surely you know me better than that, dear laddy!



*wipes forehead*


It is late in the evening, after all. :lol

You can be in my biopic (Compulsive Gambler) but you have to sacrifice your body to Das' pilgrimage/crusade and let the heathens do with you what they may.


Hey that's kinda kinky, in a weird, completely heterosexual yet metrosexual kind of way.

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