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NFL Week 15 Thread brought to you by Wu Tang Financial


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You know what?


Slowly but surely NE is getting healthier and becoming a better all around team. Their secondary will always be weak this year because of the injuries, but their front 7 is getting healthier and as Caddy saw today, they are now hard to run on. They also can create a lot of pressure with their front seven now. A healthy Seymour, Bruschi, etc.. makes a world of difference.


They are also getting used to life without Weiss and Crennel. Brady looks more comfortable and that play where Rice was ripping at his facemask and he still completed that ball with a perfect throw was unreal to see. He looked pretty good against a great Bucs D without either of his top 2 TEs, both of whom he loves to throw to.


Today was a huge statement game for the Patriots that the recent wins were not a fluke and just a product of their weaker schedule as of late, because Tampa is not a bad team.


I don't think many teams will want to face the champs down the stretch.

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The Bills are good enough to make it "interesting" for a half but then blow it, as is any mediocre team at home.


We (and by we I mean the Buffalo franchise) look forward to inheriting the longest AFC francishise playoff drought once the vastly-improved Bengals clinch this week or next week.


Yeah, we suck. I'm hoping to avoid the last place finish and get J.P. some valuable beatings in the last two weeks.


We'll see what happens.

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Yeah, that was a straight up ass-beating. The Bucs QB look confused by some of those schemes on the quarter and a half I saw at work.


Eh, I dont think he was confused, his line is a piece of sh*t and he had on avergae 0.7 seconds to make a play/ I have no problems with Simms, and I haven't since his first start against the 49ers.


Our line will be a huge focuse of next year's draft and upcoming free agency.


I look forward t oseeing the Bucs go home for the first time in 4 weeks and hopefully end the season with wins against Atlanta and New Orleans.

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