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Crawford Value....


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16 teams, H2H, Keeper year 2


This guy in my league wants Carlr Crawford. What should I do?


His Team




Catcher: Michael Barrett

First Baseman: Paul Konerko

Second Baseman: Tadahito Iguchi

Third Baseman: Aramis Ramirez

Short Stop: Nomar Garciaparra

Out Field: Corey Patterson

Out Field: Jeremy Burnitz

Out Field: Adam Dunn

Utlity: Andrew Jones


Starting Pitchers:

1. Glendon Rusch

2. Mark Prior

3. Greg Maddux

4. Carlos Zambrano

5. Brandon Webb


Relief Pitchers:

1. Jose Valverde

2. Danys Baez



1. Kerry Wood

2. Jon Garland


Bench: Mark Kotsay

Bench: Russ Adams

Bench: Joe Crede

Bench: Angel Berroa

Bench: Ryan Dempster

Bench: Jermaine Dye

Bench: Toby Hall




My Team




Catcher: Paul LoDuca

First Baseman: Carlos Delgado

Second Baseman: Luis Castillo

Third Baseman: Mike Lowell

Short Stop: Rafael Furcal

Out Field: Miguel Cabrera

Out Field: Juan Pierre

Out Field: Carl Crawford

Utility: Jeff Francoeur


Starting Pitchers:

1. Derrick Turnbow

2. A.J. Burnett

3. Josh Beckett

4. Livan Hernandez

5. Dontrelle Willis


Relief Pitchers:

1. Todd Jones

2. Chad Cordero



1. Brian Fuentes

2. Brad Lidge


Bench: Garret Atkins

Bench: Craig Wilson

Bench: Juan Uribe

Bench: Randy Winn

Bench: Noah Lowry

Bench: Raul Ibanez

Bench: Juan Encarnacion





What should I ask for?

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What I would do is also throw AJ Burnett in with Carl Crawford and see if I can't pick up Carlos Zambrano... I have a funny feeling Burnett wont be so dominant in a division with the super offenses of the Red Sox and Yankees... so you'll get a better pitcher IMO, however... if you do that, chances are the most you could ask for on the side is probably Mark Kotsay... but, then again, the choice is yours...

Final Answer:


Burnett Zambrano


Crawford Kotsay


but it never hurts to ask for more

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hmm first no dont ask for zambrano his value isnt worth AJ's in fantasy ball for the lower K/BB ratio.


I would either see if you could go crawford + AJ for Prior and Dunn.. I doubt he would do it but if so his loss



Crawford is a top 10 player, he gives you all aspects points of the game. I really wouldnt trade him specially since he is just going into his prime

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