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Top 5 Shows


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Guest marlins02

Watching seinfeld reruns for the millionth time is better that most of the crap on TV nowadays



Love The Shield tho



oh if we're talking overall than:



fresh prince

all in the family


good times


tv now is bulls*** except for southpark and law & order svu

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1. 24 (my favorite by a longshot)

2. Law & Order SVU (I agree about CI being the only not so great one)

3. South Park


Don't really watch anything else that's not a rerun, though I don't have FX or any movie channels at school or at home (which kills me in this department) and I never got into Lost.

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1- The Dead Zone, House, M.D. (tie)

2- Law and Order (any, but I prefer the original)

3- Family Guy


That's pretty much all I watch on TV, regularly, besides ESPN.

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Can't wait for the new season of The Shield.. Forest joining the cast. Good stuff


I don't watch many dramas anymore.. Was big on NYPD Blue and then moved on to The Shield.


I'd say right now:


1. Sopranos

2. The Shield

3. Rescue Me


I love Family Guy but I always forget to watch it because of football.


Didn't start watching 24 or Lost from the beginning or whatever so never got into it. Same with Nip/Tuck.. have heard they're all good shows though. Watched Over There a few times, thats pretty good.



Law and Order CI.. thats ok. I just realized that dude was Gomer.

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Guest markotsay7



1. Desperate Housewives

2. Family Guy

3. Arrested Development

4. Simpsons

5. Daily Show


All Time:


1. Seinfeld

2. All in the Family

3. Simpsons

4. Cheers

5. Frasier

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