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Is your name Earl?


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Ah, corporate synergy. It's a beautiful thing. Or at least it is if your name happens to be Earl and you happen to want to go to Universal Studios Hollywood during the month of January.NBC's freshman comedy "My Name Is Earl" is moving from Tuesdays to Thursdays starting on Jan. 5 and corporate parent NBC Universal has decided to promote the shift at its semi-popular Hollywood theme park. Starting on Jan. 5 and running through the rest of the month, Universal Studios Hollywood will offer free admission to all parkgoers named "Earl." Whee!


In addition to getting to ride the rides and stand in the lines and walk up and down the various Universal Studios hills, all participating Earls will get free t-shirts (doubtlessly promoting their favorite show -- assuming said favorite contains the word "Earl") as well.



A press release notes that there are roughly 10,000 dudes named Earl in the Los Angeles area alone. For that reason, the same press release advises people to get to the park "earl"y. Seriously, with humor like that, how can lowly entertainment reporters hope to compete?No word on whether people named "Joey" will be forcibly ejected from the park.





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