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The Best & Worst of the Best


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Fun little thing I came up with.


1. Post your favorite Band

2. Post your favorite song by said band

3. Post worst song by said band


My favorite band is Judas Priest. I love every song but one from them.


My favorite song of theirs is The Sentinal. So the music and vocals are so powerful, they just seem to overtake me.


The worst song by them has to be Cyberface from their Demolition album. I love the album. I love the music from Cyberface. But damn, that song has some of the most God-Awful lyrics ever writen. I can't even bring myself to listen to that song, and believe me, I try to.

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Guest ShaqandWade323

Artist: Nas

Best: Ether

Worst: Anything from Nastradamus



Nastradamus really isn't that bad, there's two or three good tracks on it but I guess it's subpar compared to his other albums.

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