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In 2005, we said goodbye to:


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Here is a list of the most recognizable people that passed away this year:

Feel free to add on any prominent names




Will Eisner - Comic Book Pioneer - created "The Spirit"

Spencer Dryden - member of Jefferson Airplane

Johnny Carson - King of Late Night





John Vernon - Actor / "Animal House"

Ossie Davis - Actor

Arthur Miller - Playwright

Sandra Dee - Actress

Dan O'Herlihy - Actor / "Robocop" movies

John Raitt - Actor / Father of Bonnie Raitt

Hunter S. Thompson - Writer




Chris Ledoux - Country singer

John DeLorean - Car Manufacturer

Barney Martin - Actor / Jerry Seinfeld's TV Dad

Johnny Cochrane - Lawyer

Mitch Hedberg - Comedian

Frank Perdue - Chicken Entrepreneur




Pope John Paul II

Saul Bellow - Author

Dale "Dalia" Messick - Cartoonist / Created Brenda Starr

Prince Rainier - Monarch of Monaco

Johnnie Johnson - Musician / Collaborated with Chuck Berry to develope rock 'n roll sound

- Song "Johnny B. Goode" written for him




Frank Gorshin - Actor / "Batman's" Riddler

Eddie Albert - Actor / "Green Acres"




George Mikan - NBA player / Responsible for NBA adopting 24 second rule and goaltending

Anne Bancroft - Actress / Mel Brooks' wife / Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate"

Dana Elcar - Actor / "MacGyver"

John Fiedler - Actor / voice of "Piglet" on "Winnie The Pooh"




Renaldo Benson - Member of Four Tops

Luther Vandross - Singer

Hank Stram - Former Kansas City Chiefs Coach

James Stockdale - Ross Perot's running mate

James Doohan - Actor / "Star Trek" - 'Mr. Scott, the word is given: Warp Speed'

Pat McCormick - Actor / "Smokey and the Bandit" films




Peter Jennings - ABC newsanchor

Barbara Del Geddes - Actress / "Dallas"

Robert Moog - Inventor of the synthesizer

Brock Peters - Actor / Admiral Cartright "Star Trek IV & VI" & Grandpa Sisko on "Deep Space 9"




Bob Denver - Actor / "Gilligan's Island" & "Dobie Gillis"

William Rehnquist - Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Robert Wise - Director / "West Side Story" "Sound Of Music" "Star Trek: Motion Picture" "Day The Earth Stood Still"

Tommy Bond - Child Actor / Butch from "Little Rascals

Don Adams - Actor / "Get Smart" "Inspector Gadget"




Nipsey Russell - Actor & Comedian / "Match Game" "Hollywood Squares"

Charles Rocket - Actor & Comedian / "Saturday Night Live"

Louis Nye - Actor / "Jackie Gleason Show" "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Shirley Horn - Jazz singer

Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Leader

Wellington Mara - Former owner of NFL New York Giants

Al Lopez - Former MLB HOFer




Sheree North - Actress / "Mary Tyler Moore SHow" Kramer's mom on "Seinfeld"

Ralph Edwards - TV Host / "This Is Your Life"

Pat Morita - Actor / "Happy Days" "Karate Kid" movies

Stan Berenstein - Author / "Berenstein Bears"

Wendie Jo Sperber - Actress / "Bosom Buddies" "Back to the Future"




Jack Colvin - Actor / Mr. McGee on "Incredible Hulk"

Richard Pryor - Actor & Comedian

John Spencer - Actor / "West Wing"

Michael Vale - Actor / "Dunkin Donuts" guy

Vincent Schiavelli - Actor / "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

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May - Thurl Ravenscroft (voice of Frosted Flakes' Tony the Tiger)



That's not all he was famous for. He worked with Disney a lot, the Haunted Mansion in the Disney parks being just one of the projects he participated in. He also sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" in the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


He was awesome. It was really sad to see such a great Disney legend like him go.



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Wow... Johnny died in January? It almost seems like yesterday.



Michael Piller - Writer/Producer of "Star Trek: TNG" and "DS9" (Co-creator), among other things; the man mostly responsible for the success the franchise in the 90s, as far as I'm concerned.



Dead Zone too


Rick Berman almost destroyed everything Piller did

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