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Sammy Sosa


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I'm stunned that he still hasn't been signed.


I know he had a horrible year last year, he is getting older and it's probably no coincidence his power has gone down since the stringent drug testing policy was put into place... but seriously, NO ONE wants this guy?!


With all the money that's being thrown around this off-season, I just find it hard to believe that no one has signed him yet whether it be a multi-year, single-year, guaranteed, incentive-based or minor league contract.


Will anyone pick him up, and if so, how much do you think he'd be worth?

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You are 'stunned' no one is jumping at a 38 year old horrible defensive outfielder with a stat line of:


.221 | 14 | 45 | .295 OBP | .376 SLG





I am stunned that no one is throwing money at him in this market when lesser proven players have gotten huge contracts, yes.


And I don't want him on the Marlins, I do think it'd be a waste of money, I'm just surprised NO ONE seems to want him.

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the only thing the marlins would want from him is "perhaps" use him as a very very cheap name to try to use to sell tickets.



"come see the 500+ HR and future HOF player Sammy Sosa and the AAA marlins"


(yes poor joke I admit it)



But, I think it is a terrible signing.


My OF should be

RF Hermida

LF Willingham/Aguila whomever wins the job

CF FA pickup / Reed

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The problem with Sammy is Sammy's ego itself, he has become a bit sensitive lately...but I believe there maybe a cover up in the Majors about Sammy Sosa, I mean I knew that ballplayers may fall into a slump

once in a while but this is rediculous, either way his bat is important in any line-up...and I'm telling you don't be surprise if the Yankess offer him a one or two year deal as there starting outfield and put sheffield as DH or something, :mischief2 the Red Sox can also make this deal, but it seems that after Pedro's, and now Manny's fiasco Dominican players may have over stayed there welcome in Boston :confused

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