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LSU vs Miami


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I am embarassed to be a student of the U right now. God grrrr someone should fire Choker and hire back Davis




yea, let's fire the coach because the players decided not to play. Please. It's not Cokers fault that Leggette can't catch the ball. I don't see Cocker out there trying to missing tackles. Coker wasn't the one who lined up offsides.


You're right, let's bring back Davis so the coach could match the talent...both quitters!

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Coker gets a stay of execution.


When you win a National Championship you get a gimme here and there. That being said, not having players ready for a game is unexcusable. And over time when you're in a major program, like Lloyd Carr (who doesn't have the greatest postseason record), you will be found out.


If it keeps happening, then yes, a coach deserves to be fired.

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