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06' Preview


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The first day of the month is the date on which players who were not offered arbitration can re-sign with their 2005 team, and entering 2006 the player who obviously most comes to mind is Roger Clemens. But the most astonishing thing to expect on May 1 is the sight of clean-cut Johnny Damon returning to Fenway Park as a Yankee for the first time, as the arch-rivals start a two-game set. They meet the following week in the Bronx, and it could mean Josh Beckett starting for Boston in the same place where he fielded a 1-3 roller from Jorge Posada to finish off a shutout in the clinching Game 6 of the 2003 World Series for Florida. Interleague Play begins in this month, and a new natural rivalry begins when the Orioles visit the Nationals May 19-21.


Dream of the Month Club: The first pitch of May at Fenway is thrown to Damon. Likeliest dream to come true in 2006.



Speaking of the Marlins, it will be two months into a brand-new era for a club that goes in 2006 without Beckett, Mike Lowell, Guillermo Mota, A.J. Burnett, Juan Pierre, Luis Castillo and Paul Lo Duca. Maybe Jeff Conine, too. Joe Girardi makes his managerial debut this season. No one outside of Florida will expect the tiniest ray of hope for this club, but surprising critics has been their specialty -- so it will be interesting to see what all those replacements will come up with in 2006. Schools let out in most places, and kids pour into the ballparks with no homework or early school nights.


Dream of the Month Club: The Astros are at the White Sox on June 23-25 for Interleague Play, and all three games are as suspenseful as the last series involving these teams. U.S. Cellular Field is overflowing the way it was when both teams last met late last October.



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Guest marlins02

Schools let out in most places, and kids pour into the ballparks with no homework or early school nights.



i guess he thinks the team moved already.

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