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Capers to Dolphins update


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Capers may be added to staff


Dom Capers can probably have a job in the Dolphins organization if he wants one, although one has not yet been offered.


The Houston Chronicle, citing sources close to Capers, reported Sunday that Dolphins coach Nick Saban had offered Capers the opportunity to run the Miami defense during their meeting last week. But on Monday a Dolphins source familiar with the visit strongly denied that Saban had made any offer to Capers.


The same source said, however, that should Capers decide he would like to work for Miami, there is a good chance he could be added to the staff.


It is widely known that Capers, who was fired as the Houston Texans head coach, is hoping to find another head coaching opportunity first and would consider jobs as a coordinator only if a head coaching job doesn't become available.


The Chronicle reported that four other teams have contacted Capers about an assistant coach's job.


The Dolphins likely would have an advantage in landing Capers if he decides to pursue an assistant's job. Saban and Capers are friends, and the Miami coach holds Capers in high regard. The two know each other from the time both were coaches at Kent State in the early 1970s.


The two also share the same agent, and the Dolphins have gained a reputation around the NFL for paying assistant coaches very well.


And although Saban is exploring his possibilities, the Dolphins source said adding Capers would not impact current Miami defensive assistants.


Saban has said he is pleased with the job defensive assistant head coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Richard Smith did last season, and the source said neither would be dismissed if Capers is added to the staff.


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