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Season ticket Question

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sweet. thanks alot. but what about those deposits? i dont understand that. i mean, i know what deposits are, but its says the deposit is $350. but the kids entire package is $344. so if u could clear that up for me it would be awesome.


If the initial deposit actually turns out to be more than the entire price of the ticket package, they usually make up the difference by giving you free parking passes. Give 1-877-MARLINS a call on Monday, they may even be open tomorrow since it's the day after FanFest.

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oh, i see, that could be it. yeah i kno, i tried to call the marlins but all they had was the operator. and talking to those automated machines is like talking to a toaster oven. lolz. alright thanks everyone.




Ask the operator to transfer you to the Season Ticket office/sales.

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