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Whats your favorite Video Game System?


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First off let me start by saying that I have never played any of them.



With that said, I would not choose the XBox, because I fail to see what I gain by buying that over a computer system with top video and sound cards.


The Playstation 2 is right up there, I finally got a Playstation a year/ year and a half ago and its pretty cool...


Dreamcast is no longer produced as Sega has gotten out of the console business and that is too bad.....



For a while the Genesis was the premier gaming system, and was one of my favorites.


I did purchase one along with three sports games for like 70 bucks. Good deal, but now I know they dont produce the games anymore....



But I would probably choose the GameCube mainly for history.



Nintendo has long been known as the leader in the gaming business both with consoles and games....


It doesnt hurt when Nintendo is the most kid friendly system and has been for a long time.....



I would choose Nintendo with Playstation a close second.

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Everyone says that computer thing but honestly, just because it contains computer components doesn't mean it will run the same games. Also, an xbox costs $200, a computer with a top video card and sound card will cost you $1,000 and you know that within a few months there will be a better computer out.


So far i'm very happy with the xbox, the games are great and I can't wait to play online (hopefully I can save up some money to buy the kit).

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a top quality sound and video card you can get for close to$500 if not less...



the sound cards do not 'necessarily' need to be updated all that often.....



my sound card is still a very good quality one and is over two years old...



i still contend that with my PC i can do everything that I can do on XBox...




maybe not play the same games right away.....but so be it.....




i guess for me I am biased....



Since the games I like are sports games and strategy/simulation games.....




Those action games are not my favorite.....

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For strategy and simulation a PC is the way to go, for sports, any system nowadays will do considering that the sports games come out on all 3.


For me, I love playing online games, especially first person shooters and sports games, so the xbox was the first choice on my list.

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Exactly, I love playing action games on PC but there is just no way I can keep up with the technology, all I can play now are games that came out when my computer was top of the line, everything else won't work.


I agree with you though, it all depends on what types of games you like most.

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Without any doubt the XBox is the greatest and most powerful video game system ever created. It will continue to blow away other systems in terms of power, graphics and gameplay along with everything else in between.


The XBox has been very successful as our first adventure into this market and we will continue to grow this arm of the Microsoft family. Again I see some trying to cause trouble like in the browser topic I started a while back and just reviewed. To those of you who are loyal XBox fans, thanks and we will continue to improve our products. To those of you who have not purchased an XBox yet, I implore you to do so, it is the future of gaming and the present.

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PS2 is the best because it has the most variety of games. Next is the Dreamcast which was an amazing system.Then Xbox because it has good exclusives plus some variety.Last is Gamecube.Gamecube has failed to impress me.The only games I would get are the exclusives.But even the exclusives aren't as good as I expected.I wanted to get WW so bad but after I played it at my friedn's house I was greatly dissapointed.Too Easy.

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