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Jack Black gets married


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To some shallow bitch.


Jack Black's 'When Harry Met Sally' Love Story

Actor marries his high school crush


(Mar. 16, 11:25AM ET) -- Funnyman Jack Black and his wife Tanya Haden have a real life 'When Harry Met Sally' love story after the famous actor married the girl who wouldn't date him twenty years ago in high school.



The 36-year-old 'King Kong' star recently got hitched to Tanya Haden, 34, at a secret romantic ceremony in Big Sur, Calif., that caught Hollywood completely off guard.



But when they were teenage students at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, Haden wouldn't give Black a second look and spurned all his awkward advances even though he had a massive crush on her.



"I always fancied this girl in high school, but without fame and stardom she didn't seem that interested," admitted Black on Howard Stern's radio show.



Fast forward 20 years and Haden was more receptive when she had a chance meeting with the now famous and wealthy actor at a mutual friend's birthday party. Black was obviously still smitten because he ended his eight-year relationship with comic Laura Kightlinger to start dating his future wife.



"When we met again it was just the same, I got really nervous but I managed to talk to her," he confessed.



But this time around Haden was more impressed with his advances and Black sealed the deal by presenting her with a $220,000 diamond ring from jeweler Neil Lane just after Christmas.



But the unconventional couple also has another common denominator- - a love of music. Black -- who hit the big time in 'The School of Rock' -- plays in a band called Tenacious D, while Haden, a triplet, played in a punk band called That Dog with her sisters Rachel and Petra throughout the 90's. They more recently performed as a part of the cello playing Haden Triplets.



Her father, renowned bassist Charlie Haden, has said his family is "thrilled" for the couple.


What a love story!


She didn't even notice me until I was a millionaire and adored by fans. Wow. Not to hate, but this guy must have a real high opinion of himself. :rolleyes:

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Wow, I actually have a song from That Dog on my hard drive. It's called "Minneapolis". It's not bad.


For that matter, I also have one song from Tenacious D. And since I have my Library organized alphabetically by Artist on iTunes...the two are actually right next to one another. It's a match made in heaven, clearly.


According to my iTunes playlist, other engagements to keep your eye open for include:


Bjork and Big Boi (from Outkast)




David Bowie and Damien Marley (Bob's kid)...well, that one should be interesting

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Guest marlins02

this story brings me bad memories from tuesday night. i was sweating trying to edit some small thing for the news, couldnt find no real jack black footage with his girl and this one girl's all over me calling the edit bay i was in every few minutes telling me to hurry up.


man get out there more and get your picture taken god dammit!!

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