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Opening Day roster coming together


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With just over a week left until Opening Day, the Fish seem to be closing in on their initial 25-man roster.


Their are currently 30 players on the active roster, the following is a list of these players broken down by position.


Lets start with the pitchers...


A. Baxter

J. Borowski*

T. Bowyer

N. Bump*

J. Johnson*

C. Martinez

M. Megrew

R. Messenger

S. Mitre*

B. Moehler*

R. Nolasco*

S. Olsen*

C. Resop

J. Vargas*

D. Willis*


There are 15 pitchers fighting for 12/13 spots. The players who I have asterisked are those who are considered locks to make the big league squad.

If you subtract the 9 asterisked players, these 6 remain.


A. Baxter

T. Bowyer

C. Martinez

M. Megrew

R. Messenger

C. Resop


Now you have 5 pitchers fighting for 3/4 spots.


A. Baxter??? Hasn't made an appearance in a game this Spring and I'm not sure why he's still on the Actice Roster. CUT


M. Megrew??? Rule V Draftee who will either start the year on the DL with constant shoulder tightness or in the Dodgers minor league system. CUT


C. Resop??? Brings experience from the tail of last year as well as a 3.00 ERA in 9 innings this Spring. HELLO MAJORS


This leaves us with T. Bowyer, C. Martinez, and R. Messenger fighting for 2/3 spots.


All three may make the team, but it is more likely that Bowyer and Messenger's respective upsides will outweight Martinez's somewhat impressive Spring.


T. Bowyer...IN

C. Martinez...CUT

R. Messenger...IN


On to the position players


M. Treanor

M. Olivo*

J. Willingham*

A. Amezaga

R. Andino

W. Helms*

M. Jacobs*

H. Ramirez*

J. Stokes

D. Uggla*

M. Cabrera*

R. Abercrombie

C. Aguila*

J. Hermida*

E. Reed


Once again, I have asterisked those who have been deemed as locks for the Opening Day roster.


After I subtract the asterisked players, 6 players remain. They are...


M. Treanor

A. Amezaga

R. Andino

J. Stokes

R. Abercrombie

E. Reed


These 6 players are fighting for final 3 spots on the team.


M. Treanor??? Experience in the majors coupled with suprising offensive production this Spring allows Treanor to settle into the permanent backup catcher....IN


E. Reed??? Im not bought on Reed only because of his speed, his pathetic outing this Spring has done nothing to improve our chances in center field, say hello to Albuquerque Eric...CUT


R. Abercrombie??? Arguably to brightest spot this Spring has been the play of Reggie Abercrombie. He leads the team in home runs (4), RBI (13), and Total Bases (39). On top of this, his athletic frame may be a perfect fit for CF at Dolphins Stadium and the 8th spot in a revamped Marlins lineup...IN


This leaves us with A. Amezaga, R. Andino,and J. Stokes fighting for THE final spot on the Opening Day roster.


J. Stokes??? I'm eliminating him only because of those in front on the corner infield depth chart (M. Jacobs, W. Helms, M. Cabrera)...CUT


R. Andino??? He has the potential to be a stud at SS, but with the emergence of Hanley Ramirez this Spring, Robert will either have to rot on the bench, or play in Albuquerque...CUT (toughest decision)


Alfredo Amezaga??? Im giving him the final spot only because his main position is 2nd Base, a position the Marlins are thin at. If for any reason Amezaga slips up in any way, Robert Andino will be first in line to take his spot...IN


So there you go, the Opening Day Roster is set.


12 pitchers and 12 positions players..


Wait 12 + 12 = 24....so whose missing??


Thats right baby, my boy ALL-TIME. Lenny Harris will be the sole Non-Roster Invitee to make the Big League roster and will be used in almost only pinch hitting appearances (with maybe the occasional game at 3rd or LF).


So to recap...


Your Opening Day roster will be:



J. Borowski

T. Bowyer

N. Bump

J. Johnson

R. Messenger

S. Mitre

B. Moehler

R. Nolasco

S. Olsen

C. Resop

J. Vargas

D. Willis



M. Olivo

M. Treanor

J. Willingham



W. Helms

A. Amezaga

H. Ramirez

D. Uggla

M. Jacobs

M. Cabrera



R. Abercrombie

J. Hermida

C. Aguila


Pinch Hitter

Lenny Harris

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You forgot non roster invitees like Herges and Lightenburg. My prediction is...



Dontrelle Willis

Brian Moehler

Sergio Mitre

Jason Vargas

Josh Johnson

Ricky Nolasco

Joe Borrowski

Matt Herges

Kerry Lightenburg

Chris Resop

Scott Olsen / Carlos Martinez (?)

Nate Bump



Josh Willingham (C & LF)

Miguel Olivo

Matt Treanor



Miguel Cabrera

Hanley Ramirez

Mike Jacobs

Dan Uggla

Alfredo Amezaga

Wes Helms



Jeremy Hermida

Reggie Abercrombie

Chris Aguila

Lenny Harris

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