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your favorite movies


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My Favorite Movies

1. 61* (baseball movie on roger maris and mickey mantle)

2. harry potter series (hey, they're pretty good, even if they seem a little childish)

3. fever pitch

4. faith rewarded: the historic season of the 2004 boston red sox

5. the rookie


what're your favorites?

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Oh, and I find it retarded people are "lumping movies together."


Not pointing out just you there Dodge, but those are still three movies. I can't see where you can make the case they're one. Well, maybe if you've sat through the entire 9 hour epic in one sitting, but that also makes you a loser.


Same goes with Star Wars trilogy, or any trilogy. If you name a "trilogy" those are three damn movies.

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Guest Juanky

1- V for Vendetta

2- The Boondock Saints

3- The Devil's Advocate

4- Snatch

5- Office Space


Just movies I can watch all the time, no matter what.

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