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True Love for youngins


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A certain youngin on this board decided to talk trash to me on AIM for some reason (real brave :rolleyes). Anyway, I just wanted to post this interesting little tidbit. I know I found it funny. I hope yall do too.


P*******1013: lol sure buddy i got a GF buddy. 5 yrs already

ME (Furman Gator): lol...thats cute, you met when you were 9

P*******1013: thats wut u call tru love buddy

ME: dude, seriously....you are hilarious

P*******1013: sumthing a gay guy wouldnt no

ME: lol

P*******1013: wtf u laughing at b*tch

ME: true love at 9

ME: too funny

P*******1013: ur true luv is ur frat boys

ME: cute

ME: as funny as it was talking to you Corey...I gotta go...say hello to Topanga for me



Anyway, he knows he is, and I thought that the whole "true love at 9" thing was pretty d*mn funny.

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Guest marlins02

thats pretty funny. im sure if you put the entire conversation on it would be funnier


now the guessing game begins. for some reason, a certain screenname keeps popping into my mind

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Guest marlins02

You probably think it's me, because I'm the only one that openly states consistantly that I'm 14.


Me and furman get along swell. :thumbup

your name popped into my mind and someone else's did to, but then i dont know, i just randomly clicked on someone's screen name and it hit me

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