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D-12's Proof Shot And Killed


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Proof, a member of the Eminem-fronted Detroit-based hip-hop sextet D12, was killed early Tuesday morning outside a Detroit nightclub in a shooting that left another man in critical condition.


According to NBC News affiliate WDIV, Proof (real name: DeShaun Holton) suffered a gunshot wound to the head at the CCC Club on East Eight Mile Road, near Gratiot Avenue. By the time police arrived just after 5 a.m., the club ? which was operating illegally, after hours ? had been cleared out, but several witnesses have come forward to discuss the incident with investigators.


A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department said only that "an altercation occurred [inside the club], and shots rang out," but would not discuss the shooting further, as the 30-year-old rapper's next of kin have not yet been notified.


Both victims (the other man's name has not been released) were transported to hospitals; Proof was rushed to St. John Holy Cross Hospital, while the second victim, who is 35 and also sustained a gunshot to the head, was taken to St. John Hospital, where he's listed as being in critical condition. Proof was pronounced dead on arrival.


Proof, Eminem's longtime friend, appeared in the film "8 Mile" as Lil' Tic; he also served as Eminem's best man when the rapper remarried his wife Kim Mathers in January (see "Eminem Remarries Ex-Wife Kim Mathers"). Eminem filed for divorce last week.


Police are searching for the suspected gunman; a description has not been made available. Detectives have asked that anyone with any information on the shooting come forward.


The shooting is the second in three months to involve a member of Eminem's inner circle. Em prot?g? Obie Trice was shot and wounded New Year's Eve while riding with his girlfriend along a Detroit freeway (see "Obie Trice Recovering From New Year's Eve Shooting," 1519732); police have yet to make an arrest in connection with that incident, which remains under investigation. One of D12's original members, Bugz (real name: Kornail Pitts) was shot and killed on May 21, 1999, during a picnic at Detroit's Belle Isle Park.


According to the Detroit Free Press, several Detroit hip-hop DJs, radio personalities, rappers and producers, as well as Eminem and Obie Trice, planned to meet with Proof's family at the hospital on Tuesday morning (April 11). D12 was set to begin work on its third album this month.


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Guest ShaqandWade323

This was really shocking to me, it's a sad loss. His debut album was really good and it seemed like he was headed on to bigger and better things, I wonder how Em and D12 are going to take this. RIP.

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From Twiztid.com




Gone but NOT forgotten?


Below is a statement issued by Monoxide on the behalf of Twiztid dealing with the loss of the Hip-Hop and Battle Rap Legend known to all as Proof of D-12.


Well if you haven?t heard yet the world has lost, in my opinion, a very special individual early Tuesday morning. His name was Deshaun Holton but most of you know him as ?Proof? from the group D-12. He was unfortunately shot and killed in a club on eight mile in Detroit, Michigan. Me and Jamie want to extend our deepest regrets and condolences to his family, friends and relatives and know that we are truly saddened by this tragedy. A lot of you don?t know that we recently got to sit with him in the studio to do a song for our new record and we hit it off really well. He liked what we were doing so much that he said he wanted to go on the road with us and we were in disbelief. Let's not kid our selves here, Proof is a lot bigger than we even dream about being and that?s not taking anything from us I'm just keeping it real. He said he was seriously diggin' what we had going over at the Hatchet and said he was down for whatever. After long negotiations Monday night with him and his manager we finally had a game plan in place and at 12:30 a.m. we called it a night. I wake up to take my daughter to school and I'm hit with this unbelievable tragedy. Just know he had love for all of us and made it a point to try and show it in the little time we got to spend with him just how much. From the bottom of our hearts we thank him and all his peers for everything that we were able to do together before he was selfishly taken out of all of our lives. His memory will live with us forever. God bless him and his family.


Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Proof from everyone here @Twiztid.com as well, and we ask you to keep his memory, and love for music, alive and strong.

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Guest ShaqandWade323

He shot first.



Yeah, he shot someone over a game of pool and the guy's cousin shot Proof.



Over a game of pool?!? :rolleyes:




The guy could've made up the story though because Proof wasn't that kind of person, many people are saying it's connected to the Obie Trice (Eminem's protege) shooting earlier in the year. It is weird that Eminem's protege gets shot and his best friend killed.

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