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Breakdown in the basics?


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Is it just me or has MLB promoted a style of baseball where teams and players simply do not perform the fundamentals of the sport anymore? I can't turn on a ball game and show my little leaguers "THAT is how you play the game."


Case in point. Not more than 5 minutes ago, Jeremy Affeldt [KC] is handed a 3-0 lead against the NY Yankees at the end of the first half of the 1st. Now, most managers would tell his pitcher to go out there, throw strikes, and trust your defense. This guy WALKS the first two batters he sees [Damon and Jeter] THEN serves up a meatball to Gary Sheffield after falling behind in the count to HIM. Sheff ties the game with one swing of the bat. Bam. Terrible pitching by Affeldt.


Now, it gets worse. Okay, so you are coming up to bat. You just watched a pitcher walk the first two men he sees then serve up a home run after falling behind to THAT guy. Are you thinking the pitcher might be rattled? Are you thinking the pitcher might be having control problems? The LAST thing you should be thinking is ,"hey, this is a GREAT opportunity to swing at the first pitch I see!" Sadly, this is what Arod was thinking. He is up there first pitch swinging and chases a ball out of the strike zone to ground into an out. The next guy up is Giambi. Does HE take a pitch? Nope. Let's swing at something letters high for a weak pop up to shallow right center field. At least Matsui took a pitch.


THIS is why Team USA was pwned in the WBC...

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