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Mission: Death


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I'd like to preface that I went on Mission:Space in early March, and I can attest to its intensity...I am a hard core attractioneur (if that's even a word), and the first 15 seconds (launch time) of this ride were easily the most god-fearing moments of my life.


I'm really not surprised that people have bad reactions to it, including death...






GRANTED, the warnings are there and they give you more than enough chances to bail out...It's unforunate though, and while I don't think they should close it (it's the most awe-inspiring, realistic ride at Disney), something needs to be done.


People should not be dying in the land of imagination and magic.

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Guest markotsay7

I will tell you I went on this within a month after it opened and it was amazing. You really felt g-force, could barely lift a finger when they told you to, felt your face being pushed back.


I went on it in November and it was NOTHING. It felt like I was being spun. When you're supposed to push the button, I had no problem with it, whereas the first time I physically had trouble with it.

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It's always bad that people die, and the height requirement should probably be raised. However it's ridiculous when one of a couple million people experience extremely rare deaths leading to a lawsuit which ruins things for everyone else. No way should they close this ride.


I completely agree. The ride shouldn't be closed--it's one of the most realistic and amazing experiences at any theme park in the world. People just need to be smart. This woman didn't die in some freak accident. She likely had a history of some stress issues (or something similar)...I'm sure she knew that the ride would make her sick--it's something everyone knows when they go on a ride. And she was old enough to make the smart decision--which she didn't.


Very unfortunate and I hope people learn from this tragedy--read the warnings, follow directions.

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