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Problems mount from 9/11 fallout


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Call me crazy, but this is going to be the next big news scare story...


They have 15,000 and are including some 7,000 firefighters reported as having "a wide range of medical problems," I mean, most guys who get headlong into fires have gear to protect them from these things.


Not to mention that the EPA tests said it was okay air to breathe, and they have no reason to lie (for fear of a potential lawsuit as mentioned by the website). It's highly possibly, without any research done at this point, that the initial 9/11 cloud caused all this, the EPA comes in afterwards, tests the air and it is fine.


I'm hesistant to jump to any side at this point, because it's too early and to be honest, this is relatively "new" news for news agencies to latch onto and spread to the populace. But, I'm skeptical of those who are going to blame the EPA so early, especially since, by their own account, 15,000 are showing signs (even with the 7,000 firefighters who are having medical problems) and there are between 30,000 and 50,000 who live near the trade centers.

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