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Thoughts of an out-of-town fan


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Dear Marlinsbaseball.com members,


Some of you may know me, others do not. Those that do, know that I am not one to dance around a subject and this will be no different. Let me start off by saying that I am siked out over this team this year. Last year someone on this site coined the phrase "Thats So Marlins". This statement was intended to be taken with a negative conotation at that time. I feel that the atmosphere around this team is electric and I feel like I can actually feel this teams excitment through the television when I watch them. I feel that with the attitude that these guys have right now, "Thats So Marlins" will become an attitude that will be synonomous with winning a lot of ball games and make other players in the league envious of our team. Some of the guys on the team have begun to show a winning attitude already. Two of the rookies that I will call out in praise are Hanley Ramirez and Josh Willingham. With the exception of a few plays on defense, both have played beyond anyones expectations to this point. I am willing to say that before all is said and done, Willingham will be the best thing to come out of the firesale this year(by trading a lot of talent on the team it frees up slots for him to get everyday playing time). Ramirez has made some amazing plays on defense that he has no business making. It looks to me that he is making a play on a ball that is on the first base side of second every game. I was always taught that if you see that, you have a guy that is extremly talented. These guys will be the future leaders of this team and you can quote me on that one. Even though we are losing more than we are winning these days, I am just extremely pleased to watch this team and knowing that these guys are leaving it all on the field night in and night out. In todays society, we see alot of parents inadvertantly teaching their kids that winning is the only important part of the game but I am hoping that children out there are watching this team play and taking away from it. The Marlins are quietly, or maybe not so quietly, teaching us all a valuable lesson. That lesson is: It doesn't matter whether you win when you are young, It just matters that you learn from your mistakes and get better everyday. With the stadium issues quickly looking as though the Marlins will stay for many years to come, I am anticipating many years of a winning atmosphere in Southern Florida. Fans down there should drop to their knees and thank god that they have been blessed with such a rare thing in the world of sports: A TEAM that lives up to every definition of the word.



A fellow Marlins fan

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