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Oh no you didn't!


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He was talking to craig minervini and minervini told him that's funny yesterday you were winning 14-0 and in the ninth inning the fans started booing silva for having the bases full-lieberthals answer-yea that's tru like u said the fans get into it even when your winning 14-0,but it's fun because you can hear them screaming"marlins suck,marlins suck",man what is wrong with lieberthal those are his words ^^^^^^^^-he shall pay.

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This how we do it, where I'm from

I'm thuggin' in the club, until I see the sun

Shi-ine, on my face, got the gun on my waist

Walkin to my Escalade, tell them boyz I'm not afraid

To let the ni-ine, sing out, it can ring out

Holy s***, Vanilla Ice is in The MB forums. Were :shifty :lol

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