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I made a movie


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I'd like to get it online somehow. Made it on iMovie(took me 2 months) at school and now its on a DVD right next to me. I'm entering at the annual school film festival on Thursday and it's considered a front-runner for many of the awards. I'll keep you updated on the status of the movie and if I win anything. So back to my original question, How do I get this movie online for your viewing pleasure and critique? :D

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Maybe Youtube could be used... Ive seen durations as long as about 30:00 on it?


See that's the thing. I have no problems playing it on the computer. I need a way to:

- Save Movie on to my computer

- Upload it to YouTube


I'm using Dell Media Experience to play the movie.

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Why didnt you use Final Cut? Im interested to watch it if you get upload it somewhere...


Final Cut isn't available at my school.


I wish I could upload it too. :pray


Ahhh man that blows! Final cut is the best program ever invented man! Ever used it? I did a bunch off stuff when I was in high school with final cut and stuff...


Well if you find a way to upload make sure u post it so I can watch

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Guest CrimsonCane

Krispy, you can try to use a program like Handbrake or something similar that will convert your DVD movie into a movie file (.mpg). After that, depending on the size of the .mpg file, you may be able to load it up onto YouTube.

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