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Only 1 more move to make

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Marlins have a solid lineup and pitching staff now.


They only have 1 more move to make.....


Send Eric Reed back down for more seasoning and recall Jose Campusano!


Campusano is a good defender, performed great this spring training in limited action, can run just as well as Reed (19 SBs in AA), and can hit (around .340).


He's young but he's batting around .340 in a pitcher's league! Give him a chance now.

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kool aid is starting to turn it around



no doubt kool aid is holding his own up here. he's not going anywhere. when hermida comes off the DL reed will be sent down.



I guess you are right. Hermida, Willingham, and Kool Aid is a good OF. And Borchard is good off the bench.


I guess Campusano will have to wait until 2007.

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This topic thread says it perfect! Reed must go down to AAA, kid is swinging the bat like a high-schooler... Keep Reggie and Joe...


Hermida comes back than Reggie and Joe split time.. Willy stays in LF no need to waste his knees and put him behind the plate when olivio is streaking right now

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