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Fantasy Baseball Thread

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Hello, I started this thread and i want to keep it going. I'm going to post the starting pitchers everyday that have a good matchup and chance to win that are most likely on free agentts. Also, hot hitters that are often on FA will be posted. Please post of anybody that you think is a good pick up or if u think my pickups wont work.

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here are some pitchers that are free agent in my leagues that have a good chance of winning according to ME. all other pitchers suck



Clement, Matt (SP-ChC) ^@Pit -is on hot streak - last start against mets he had 0 ER in 7 inn and 2 BB. but last game in pitts in may was 5 inn with 7 ER but did awesome against pitts in 3 other starts before.


Lowe, Derek (SP-Bos) ^@Cle - 3ER in last 14 inn pitched and last game against cleveland pitched CG 2 ER and is 4-0 lifetime 1.90 ERA against cleveland


Ramirez, Horacio (SP-Atl) ^Fla - last 23 inn pitched only 5 ER and last 3 starts went 9 inn, 7 inn, 7 inn and is 2-0. last start against FLA he went 7 inn with 1 ER


Rueter, Kirk (SP-SF) ^@LA - LA has bad offense - last 12 inn just 4 ER and last start against LA was 6 inn no ER.


Anderson, Brian (SP, RP-KC) ^@CWS -last start against chisox went 5 inn 2 ER and won. 10 runs in past 20 innings. hes done awesoem against chicago this season.

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Ok, everybody, these are my predictions for starters that most likely are on waivers, or are at least on waivers on my leagues. These are for pitchers starting on the 21st.



In no particular order



Radke, Brad (SP-Min) ^Det - detroit sucks-last 23 innings pitched just 5 ER- and has gone 7 inn, 9 inn, 7 inn and is 3-0 in last 3 games. Radke is a guranteed win.


Harden, Rich (SP-Oak) ^Sea -does better at home games, 5 ER in past 12 innings but 8 BB. not a guranteed win, but a decent chance.


Williams, Jerome (SP-SF) ^@LA -LA offense should benifit him- 3.63 ERA and 4-2 away this yr. 3 ER in past 13 innings and 7 ER in past 20 innings. Has done AWESOME against all california teams this year ( all quality starts in 5 starts and 1 CG SHO against OAK) only draw back is if Felipe Alou rests Barry and some of his starters for the playoffs. Should make a guranteed quality start at least.




Ishii, Kazuhisa (SP-LA) ^SF - last start aginst SAN FRAN went 6 innings- no ER and a W- career against SAN FRAN -2.04 ERA in 17 inn and is 1-0. --8 ER in last 25 innings and thats against COL-PHI-ARI. only bad start in that span was @ CoL. San Frans J. Williams should win this, but it could be a dual and will come down to who felipe rests and plays.



Seo, Jae Weong (RP, SP-NYM) ^Mon - last start against MONTREAL went 3 inning with 4 ER and is 0-3 lifetime against MONTREAL, BUT in last 18 innings has only allowed 4 ER ( against teams FLA, PHI, Cubs) and has 3 straight quality starts.

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