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Was Jeremy supposed to be back for the


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Is the injury this bad or is Joe just trying to make sure this won't be a career affecting injury like burnetts?



Can't compare this injury to Burnett's injury cuz they play two totally differnet positions in the game. Compare it more to Luis Castillo's reoccuring hip flexor problem or Griffey's hamstring. Hopefully the Marlin's staff gives Jeremy all the time he needs and does not let him rush back before he should.

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be nice to have him in for Tampa, even if he doesnt feel all too well to push it in the outfield he can DH



I forgot about the DH. That is a good idea.



If the guy can't run, the guy can't run.


DHing or playing in the field is going to result in stress he probably shouldn't be exposed to until he's healthy enough to give 100%. I'd like to see him out there tomorrow but in the long run it's better he wait until gets the requisite medical clearance to play.


Unless you want to see a clone of Paul LoDuca, hobbling for the rest of the season, we seem to be doing well enough offensively, at least of late, to play competitive baseball if our pitching holds up. Maybe I'm wrong but I say let the guy have all the time he needs.

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Hermida rehab: Best-case scenario, Jeremy Hermida could be activated on Friday when the Marlins visit Tampa Bay.


Some encouraging news came out Monday when Hermida played a rehab assignment in an extended spring game.


In extended spring, players can bat every inning. Hermida played six innings in right field and went 1-for-3 with three walks.


Hermida will play in another extended spring game on Tuesday. Depending on how he feels, he will be further evaluated at that point.


"We'll see how he feels and take it day by day," Girardi said.


Hermida has been on the disabled list since April 17, retroactive to April 12, with a strained right hip flexor.


No need to rush him back but would love to see him back.. :thumbup

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