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They're starting their comeback tour.. their first stop is in the District of Rock Island (across the river from me)... theyre putting on a show at this bar the Dackery Factory.. its a sh*tty bar. I have no idea how they pulled that one off.. but its gonna be awesome. 8 bucks... in the District, which is just an awesome downtown. Can't wait.. July 1st

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just the fact they're starting off their tour at a little bar in the middle of the district is awesome. its gonna be a great time.





Thats good news for you



Bad news for them. For the most part, the smaller the venue, the less profit for the band.



Enjoy the show though. Nothing beats seeing a band you really like in a small venue.

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It was freakin awesome.. talk about a blast from the past. They are making a DVD out of this and we got a flier thing for a free one, which is nice.


I would have paid a lot more than 8 bucks to see that concert.. it was a great time.


ill have some pics up in a little bit

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