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Eliminating the Phillies


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Pardon me if this has already been said. But, our Magic # is 6 correct? So, if we win today, its down to 4 (Phils loss coupled with Marlins win). Then, if we win tomorrow, its down to 2. Then, if we win Thurs, its down to 0...meaning we officially eliminate the Phillies.


So, pretty much what I am saying is....if we sweep the Phils, they are done. If we take 2 of 3, we just need to win 1 more game, and the Phils need to lose 1 more game. Or we can win 2, or they can lose 2. Whatever works.

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And you are right Furmangator....read this


Phillies series may decide race


By Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


The Marlins know it.


The Phillies know it.


"These are the most important games of the season,'' right-hander Brad Penny said.


Said Phillies pitcher Randy Wolf: "This is the time (of year) ulcers are made of. You sit on the bench and your palms are sweating."


The Marlins and Phillies open a three-game series tonight at Pro Player Stadium that could very well determine the National League wild-card winner.


The Marlins hold a one-game lead over the Phillies in the wild-card race with six games left. The Marlins finish against the Mets, with the Phillies hosting the Braves.


But the feeling on both sides is their seasons should be determined this week at Pro Player Stadium.


"Everyone senses it will be a battle to the last day,'' Wolf said. "It's right there for us. We need to play a good series.''


"I don't think anyone can prepare for something like this unless you've been in the situation,'' said left-hander Dontrelle Willis, who will start tonight against Kevin Millwood in a rematch of Thursday's game at Veteran Stadium that was decided on Jim Thome's wind-blown home run.


The Marlins are expecting at least 20,000 for each of the three games, which would be about 10,000 fewer than the turnouts last week at Veterans Stadium where the Phillies won 2-of-3.


Still, the Marlins are expecting electric crowds.


"It seems to be like a playoff atmosphere when we play those guys,'' Willis said. "Anyone in that lineup can hurt you. You kind of focus on the Abreus and the Thomes not to beat you but at the same token you have to give the same attention to everyone else because they have a good team. If they didn't they wouldn't be right there battling us for the playoffs.''


The Marlins are 23-8 at home since the All-Star break. They have been swept at Pro Player Stadium just once this year -- by the San Francisco Giants in May when manager Jack McKeon was smoking cigars at home in North Carolina.


"You battle right down to the last days and give it your best shot, that's all you can do,'' McKeon said.


While the Phillies were expected to contend when the season opened, the Marlins have been a surprise.


"Just coming in from the deficit we were in early this season, (10) games under.500 (on May 23) and coming down to the last week being in the race. That right there is an accomplishment within itself,'' Willis said. "It'll be nice to finish up with a playoff berth.''



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Yeah, I am setting the bar for 2 of 3. I want to see us sweep, and there is no reason why we couldnt. We actually have a better team, but perhaps I am biased. We sweep them, all we have to do is take a game from the Mets to gurantee no one else (Cubs, Astros, Dodgers) from sneaking up from behind. It looks like Cubs could win NL Central with a more favorable schedule.

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The philly offense is very good but they have a very crappy bullpen. Heck, they dont even have a closer. Williams, Mesa, Wendell have had very rough times in the bullpen. They have good starting pitching that keeps them in the game but We have an advantage with a better Pen. This series is very important and it will be close with Both the marlins and phillies having good offense these days.

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I give us the advantage - because we are playing at home and can manufacture runs. JRS is not a hitter's park, and our starting pitching is just as good (if not better) than theirs. Our advantage does lay in our bullpen - another reason to give Beinfest GM of Year because getting Urbina has been huge.


We got a really good shot here to get the job done now. Let's do it...


Phillies==> :killthemall

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