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Revisiting Pre-Season Predictions


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Can you recall the predictions from the beginning of the season? It would be interesting to see who said what would happen and to compare how close we all were in our predictions...just a thought.



At the end of the season, I was planning on looking back and re-posting the predicitions we made on the "official" Marlins board. Too bad many of the people who made those predictions aren't there anymore.

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Guest marlins02

i didnt come in here till june, but at the beginning of the season i was pretty optimistic about the season because of what Anaheim did last year, i figured if they could do it than why not us because we have a descent roster. but i thought that our rotation needed to come through big time. so when AJ went down, than Redman busted his thumb and Josh hurt his elbow i thought we were f***ed


thankfully i wrong

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My 2nd Half Outlook is looking pretty good. Made those at the ASB


I am not backing down from my original Wild Card prediction. I, will however lower my expectations of the Marlins record. I am willing to now project a 91-71 record which will capture the Wild Card for the Marlins.


As far as pitching goes -- Beckett's stats have been lower than expected but, I see Beckett being a big contributor in the 2nd half provided he stays injury free. We need him to be, and I really have a feeling he will be a key to our playoff run

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Thanks Admin - you're awesome. Unfortunately, none of these threads have any of my predictions on them - as I was as of yet to come out of exile and return to this site. I remember posting that we would win 90+, that we would either make the WC or win the NL East (damn Braves...). I also picked either the Braves or Mets to be in last place in the East...and I even said someone we wouldnt expect would come along and contribute. I guess that would be Willis...


Also, I was the one who started the WC thread - back in May, when we were about 10 games under .500!

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Jonny, here's your preseason predictions from the mlb board. They're not bad at all. The specifics are naturally off in spots but the end result is pretty close:


Marlins finish with 95 wins, win tight NL East race. Get past first round, but lose in NLCS to Astros in 6.


One of the pre-season favorites in the NL East, the Braves, Mets, and Phillies, finish in last place. My money is on the Mets, but could be Braves as Hampton's struggles from ST roll on into regular season 1st half. Some suspect Loria is an evil genius...


Burnett has injury problems all year and is off and on the DL. Pitches well, but cant stay healthy.


Penny proves he is an elite pitcher, finishing strong in the second half. 20 game winner and our #1 for this season.


Beckett rises to the occasion and is healthy all season, blister free, and wins 15 games. He has over 200K's.


Pavano and Redman are both solid, win 10+ games and Pavano comes close to a no-hitter.


Lee breaks 30+ HR plateau, misses all-star team because of excellent 1st half from Thome. Finishes with 100+ K's though.


Lowell spends time on DL, we dont see Cabrera this season and Mike does play well .290 21HR when he does play.


Encarnacion just misses all-star game, but comes up with great season 30HR, 30+SB, .280+AVG.


Hollandsworth plays 140+ games, has very good season .300+ 25HR 15+SB.


Castillo has terrible season, bats .260 and plays less than 120 games. Never quite in shape throughout season due to hip surgery, spends time on DL. Hooper is called up, but splits time with Mordecai.


Pierre picks up slack, finishes with 50+ SB and bats around .290. Excellent defense, but does not win gold glove. Becomes our lead off hitter.


Bullpen is one of the best in the league, Looper is lights out the whole season, emerges as next Nen.


Pudge is healthy all season, wins NL MVP. .330 36HR 120RBI.


Al Martin and Brian Banks both put up big numbers off the bench.


Either Redmond or Castro is traded to get more pitching for the playoff push.

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i dont do predictions, unless its for a neutral team. I'm a fan. I'm biased. I'm not gonna predict that the Marlins do bad. Because every year, I hope they make the playoffs, and don't count em out of it until they are mathematically eliminated. That's why I don't do the predictions.


That, and I didnt find this board till June I think. But, if I were here before the season, I would have said "I hope we win the Wild Card."

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