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Arena Football


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It's off-season and kind of a weird time to talk about it, but we're getting a franchise up here tomorrow (stealing Buffalo's...we're thieves!) and I'm very intrigued by the whole thing. I've seen bits and pieces, but I've never really gotten into it as I've had no real reason to. This seems like it could be a cool little thing to do on top of Jackets games from in late winter-early spring. Anyone here follow this stuff at all, maybe drop a little knowledge for me?

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Arena Football is the thing I do when baseball hasn't started yet, and NFL is over. Very fun.


Gruden's bro is the QB for the Orlando Predators.


Nice to see the league start getting some more teams, now if the could only give South florida the Bobcats back.


Here in Fort Myers we have the afl2 (AFL minors) Florida Firecats.


Florida will get it's fourth, but only third active, AFL team in Jacksonville.

Tampa Bay Storm (Ice Palace aka St. Pete Times Forum)

Orlando Predators (Orlando Arena aka T.D. Waterhouse Center)

Jacksonville ? (New Jacksonville Memorial Arena)

R.I.P. Florida Bobcats (Office Depot Center in Sunrise)

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Yeah, the more I think about it, the more likely it's becoming that I become a Columbus Destroyers season ticket holder...depending on the prices, of course.


Only thing I don't like is it appears they're going to take the not-so-shocking "load up on ex-Buckeyes" approach and I don't think, from my research, there's a lot of OSU guys with Arena experience. Watching a bunch of ex-Buckeyes lose over and over isn't exactly my idea of fun.

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BTW, the AFL is abcked by many NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL owners. The Dolphins used to own the Bobcats until Huizienga tried to sell both the Dolphins and Bobcats together as a package and no one would bite.


Once he sold the Panthers and lost control of the Office Depot Center, he folded the Bobcats. They didn't play well, but they could have in years down the road if they were allowed to survive and actually have a payroll.

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I first got introduced to the AFL in I believe 1992.



The first and only year of the San Antonio Force.



Fun crowds, fun game, fast paced...great seats (thanks BudCo)



Too bad their home was torn down after that season though.



I do think you may see AFL return to South Texas with the new SBC Center. That would be fun.



Arena Football is fun on tv...but its much more fun live.

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I worked 1 1/2 seasons with the Tampa Bay Storm....Arena Football is an exciting game. The players always make time for the fans and even hang out with them at the bar after the games. The game is very fast paced and timing routes need to be executed perfectly. What I think is great are the two way players.

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Guest marlins02

Before the Bobcats, south florida had another AFL team. Does anyone remember the Miami Hooters? They played at the Miami Arena from 1993-1995 with a total record of 11-25.


i remember them, what did happen them? they folded? when i moved to Arizona they were still playing

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WE have an A2 team in the The FU down the road and it does kick a** but it can't beat the emotion and atmosphere of an NFL game.


Cape, do you know the ratings for the past season on NBC?

I can tell you, after the ratings of the games on NBC, man affiliates including WTVJ-Miami have been screaming for AFL teams. I know WCAU in Philly asked and recieved (Soul).




Nothing released since Week 4 of season in Feb. they had a respectable 2.7/5 and that was on a weekend against the Daytona 500 on FOX and CBS? coverage of Tiger Woods? Buick Invitational victory. Not bad at all.


Florida is the biggest market since...

1) We have/have had more AFL or afl2 teams than MLB and NHL teams combined.

2) NBC dominates our state with strong affiliates in Miami (WTVJ), Tampa (WFLA), Orlando (WESH), and West Palm Beach (WPTV).


The AFL will not disappear from NBC anytime soon.

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