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Brett Myers arrested in Boston

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BOSTON --Philadelphia Phillies ace pitcher Brett Myers was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting his wife on a downtown Boston street.


Myers, 25, who was scheduled to pitch Saturday against the Red Sox, got in an argument with his wife at about 12:20 a.m. at the corner of Boylston and Dalton streets, according to David Procopio, a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.


Myers' wife and two witnesses told police that the pitcher hit her.


"The evidence at this point leads us to believe the victim was struck in the left side of her face," Procopio said.


One of the witnesses told investigations that Myers also pulled his wife's hair.


Officials did not identify Myers' wife because she is a domestic violence victim, Procopio said. A player biography on Major League Baseball's Web site says Myers married Kim Wickman in September of 2002 and the couple has a 3-year-old daughter.


Police responded to a 911 call at 12:26 a.m. and found Myers' wife crying with a swollen face, Procopio said.


Officers found Myers nearby and arrested him. He cooperated with police, Procopio said.


Investigators are still trying to determine if Myers hit his wife with an open or closed fist and if he struck her more than once, Procopio said.


Myers was booked by Boston police and his wife posted his $200 bail. Procopio did not know how long Myers spent in jail.


Myers pleaded not guilty to assault charges at his arraignment Friday morning in Boston Municipal Court, Procopio said.


A Phillies spokesman had no immediate comment.


Myers' next court date is Aug. 4. A judge ruled over the objections of prosecutors that he did not have to attend the hearing in person, Procopio said.


The conditions of Myers' bail included that he did not initiate contact with his wife and can only see her if she wants to see him. The judge also ruled that if Myers is arrested again while out on bail he can be sent to jail for up to 60 days.


A Jacksonville, Fla.-native, Myers skipped college and went straight to the minor leagues. He made his Major League debut with the Phillies in July 2002. This season, Myers is 5-3 with a 3.77 ERA.


The right-hander is 6-foot-4 and weighs 240 pounds. According to his biography, Myers was an amateur boxer until age 13



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Here is a new report on the Myers wife-beating. The Phillies sent out a press release saying he will pitch tomorrow at Fenway. The game will be on Fox. I hope to see the fans in Boston mercilessly boo and heckle him.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers arraigned for allegedly beating his wife

By Suzanne Smalley

Globe Staff


Brett Myers, a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, was arraigned this morning after being arrested shortly after midnight for allegedly beating his wife in front of a small crowd of witnesses on Boylston Street, authorities said.


Myers, 25, was released by a judge this morning after pleading not guilty to assault and battery charges in Boston Municipal Court, according to David Procopio, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.


The pitcher and his wife, Kim Wickman, 28, were walking back to their hotel from a bar when a dispute broke out at the corner of Boylston and Dalton streets, according to Procopio. Police responded at 12:26 a.m. to a 911 call reporting a domestic assault, Procopio said.


Myers' wife, told police she believed her husband hit her twice in the face with a closed fist. Witnesses told police Myers dragged his wife by the hair and slapped her across the face. Procopio said it is unclear if Myers punched his wife or slapped her, but he did strike her in the face.


Courtney Knight, 26, who witnessed the alleged attack, said in an interview today that Myers was out of control.


"It was disgusting," Knight said. "He was dragging her by the hair and slapping her across the face. She was yelling, 'I'm not going to let you do this to me anymore.' "


Knight said the 6-foot-4 ballplayer dwarfs his wife, who she estimated to be 5 foot 2 and 100 pounds.


"She's a real small girl," Knight said. "It was awful."


Myers allegedly told Knight and her friends to leave and resisted when they tried to pull him off of his wife, prompting Knight to call police.


She said Myers was undeterred by the presence of her group of friends.


"He had her on the ground. He was trying to get her to go, and she was resisting," Knight said. "She curled up and sat on the ground. He was pulling her, her shirt up was around her neck....He could have cared less that we were there."


Knight said the player appeared to be fighting with his wife because he wanted to return to their hotel and she did not.


Myers is slated to pitch against Curt Schilling at Fenway Park tomorrow. A Phillies spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.


The police report says that officers found Wickman crying and with swelling on the left side of her face. The victim bailed Myers out, posting $200 in bail at the South End police station early this morning, Procopio said.


According to a Major League Baseball website, Myers married Wickman in 2002 and they have a 3-year-old daughter.


Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk at 01:17 PM



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his wife posted bail for him.


You have got to be kidding me! I suppose shouldn't be surprised since this happens all the time that these women call the police and then forgive these cowards.


Sounds like McMichaels for the dolphins who has beaten his wife twice, but she doesnt press charges. He has hit her the past two summers before training camp, which leads me to believe that he is overdue...

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