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Lowell to be back on Sunday....


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from baseballprospectus.com

# The Marlins have done just fine without Mike Lowell--in no small part aided by the acquisition of Jeff Conine--but the Fish will certainly be happy to have their starting third baseman back in the lineup. It's possible that he'll get a couple regular season at-bats to test his thumb if he's cleared. He was targeting Saturday, but due to the medical staff's concerns, and an adjustment of game time, Lowell is more likely to be back on Sunday. A final determination will be made when he's seen by the doctor on Friday.(On Conine and others, has this been the weirdest year in recent memory for moves working out that looked horrible on paper?)


i love the last line of it....

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I dont want to start a new topic so here is an article on his await for the Doctors. Oh and a little piece on our rotation for the Playoffs.


Lowell awaits doctors' OK


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Mike Lowell expects to receive clearance from team doctor Brian Fingado to resume swinging a bat today in hopes of returning to action over the weekend. But Marlins manager Jack McKeon is making no promises about putting the two-time All-Star back in the lineup.


''Let's be realistic. We're talking about a guy who hasn't picked up a bat in three weeks,'' McKeon said of Lowell, who broke a bone his left hand when he was hit by a pitch Aug. 30. 'We've all got to be intelligent enough to say, `Do we want you 100 percent or do we want you out there?' If he gets out there and tries to do too much, what do you have then?''


Since his injury, Lowell -- the club leader in home runs (32) and RBI (105) -- has been doing cardiovascular workouts, and he recently resumed throwing. He was gingerly gripping a bat outside the clubhouse Thursday, testing a protective brace Houston's Jeff Bagwell, who had a similar injury, sent him.


''I'm excited,'' he said. ``The fact is, if I'm cleared, to me [the bone's]no longer broken.''


Lowell doesn't expect to face live pitching today but will hit off a tee if Fingado approves. If there's no swelling, he hopes to play at least one game before the playoffs.


Regaining his timing will be the biggest challenge, Lowell said.


''Recognizing pitches and when you decide to swing,'' he said. ``I'm hoping I'll be able to get that back quickly.''


McKeon isn't so sure.


''We're going to let the doctors decide,'' he said. ``It would mean a lot to have him available to pinch hit.''




McKeon said he isn't likely to tinker with the rotation even if the Marlins clinch a playoff spot early, meaning rookie left-hander Dontrelle Willis probably will start Sunday as scheduled. But he won't pitch long if the game has no bearing on the postseason.


''If we were lucky enough to [clinch], we need to get some of those guys in the bullpen some work,'' McKeon said.


The Marlins would likely open the playoffs with Josh Beckett on the mound, followed by Brad Penny, Mark Redman and Willis.



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