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Fallen Apple

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SS Ramirez

2B Uggla

1B Jacobs

3B Cabs

RF Hermy

C Olivo

LF Willy

CF Amezaga



Yeah this would be great to to move Hermy and Olvio up since they are doing great and pull down Willy so he can get his stuff together


Farther down in the lineup someone is the less likely they will get anything to hit. So putting Hammer that low might not work.

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Keep the lineups the same. Sure, we lost tonight.... but we also put 5 runs on the board.


Our currently lineup is perfectly fine, tampering with it at this point won't be a good thing and will mess up our chemistry. Everyone knows their role in the lineup and there is no problem at all with our offense.

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i don't think we should change a lineup that got us 9 wins in a row.


I don't think Abrecombie ever started a single game during that 9 games strecth believe it or not. :o


Best Hitter:

C - Olivo

1B- Jacobs

2B- Uggla

3B- Cabrera

SS- Ramirez

CF- Hermida/Amezega

LF- Willingham

RF- Ross/Hermida


Best Pitcher:

SP- Johnson

RP- Messenger













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