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Cell Phone CPR


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Soooo I kind of just dropped my phone into a pot of water - it completely submerged, but only for a few seconds - at first it looked like it was still on as I was wiping the water off, but then it went black and now it feels very warm - i've taken off the back and battery and hope that it was just the battery that fried


does anyone have experience with this or do I have to add my cell phone as casualty # 2 this week along with the iPod?

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welcome to the club, my cell came back, dont ty to turn it on, itll short

get it with the blow drier if u have one, then just leave it off for 36 hours

then try the charger




Agreed- don't just chuck it after a few minutes. Wait at least a few days. Then, you'll know for sure if funeral arrangements are necessary.

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small phone, large hands - first time in a year i've dropped this thing and it has to be in water


tried it last night and it showed signs of life - disasembled the battery and back again while leaving it fllipped open and I think everything has dried out


seems to be working today without a hitch - i'll have to monitor it over the course of the weekend, but so far it looks decent

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