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Rob Neyer's opinion - Jack is NL Manager of Year


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here's some bits from his ESPN page...


Neyer link


Yesterday I was on the radio in Orlando with Terry Bowden, and he asked me who I like for National League Manager of the Year.


Bobby Cox, Dusty Baker, and Felipe Alou have all done wonderful jobs this season (I said). In completely different ways, each of them has turned a team full of question marks into a pennant-winner, and it's a shame they can't all be honored.


But the NL's Manager of the Year simply has to be Jack McKeon. I don't suppose he'll be the unanimous winner, but I'll be shocked if he doesn't win for the second time in five seasons (he also won in 1999, with the Reds).


Just to refresh your memories, last year the Marlins went 79-83. This year, they were 16-22 when McKeon was hired on May 10. Quick and dirty, we might combine those numbers and suggest that McKeon took over a .475 team.


And since then? The Marlins are 72-48 (.600). And it's not like McKeon took over a team that everybody thought was underachieving. The Marlins had already been given up for dead; the only question was whether or not they'd finish behind the Mets.


Now they're going to finish ahead of everybody but the Braves, and McKeon's the obvious difference between fourth place and second. Which leaves Bobby Cox and the other managers looking at McKeon's ancient rear end.



some other interesting stuff there too, including why the Thome deal might not be so great for the Phils, & the silly minority-coaching-interviews rule the Marlins almost got fined for.

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I was disappointed to read that Joe Morgan's top 3 manager of the year choices were Cox, Alou and Baker. I don't get it. These are perennial playoff clubs ('cept for the Cubs). Why is Bobby Cox even a choice for MOY? His lineup is AWESOME, and the pitching is still good. It's not like he's taken a bunch of ragtag players and directed them to the playoffs. The Braves are SUPPOSED to make the playoffs, and they have. So what? I think a diseased yak could manage that team and win the division. I just don't get it.

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