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While I understand Nolasco has had a couple of bad....better yet, atrocious, outings, those calling for his demotion are being silly. Should we have sent down Willis when he went through his rough patch earlier this year too? Nolasco has been lights out for us all season - suggesting to send him down over two bad starts is flat out ridiculous.


This all started three starts ago vs. Tampa when the D-Rays hit three HR's in the 7th. I'm willing to bet Nolasco lost some faith in his stuff and began to change his approach somewhat. That leads to bad habits and now his control is suffering. Should a kid that can crank it up to 95 MPH and has a curve like Nolasco's ever lose faith in his stuff? obviously not, but he's only 23 years old - this is what rookies do. they're up...they're down...they're up.....they're down. hopefully the downs are short-lived, but nolasco is going through one right now. Olsen had one early as well...and i semi-expect Johnson to have at least a hiccup, too.


this is why we pay rick kranitz and hopefully he can help ricky get back into his form. he's one of our better young arms and sending him down over two bad starts is simply not even an option.

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Well, to be fair, he's always had a very high WHIP, even when things were going well.


I'm not suggesting that there's any relationship between him and Brian Moehler, but Moehler went well for the early part of the season and then suddenly those runners that were stranded earlier in the season began scoring.


It's kind of the same thing here.


I'm in favor of seeing Petit or Sanchez, or perhaps both, get spots in the rotation for the time being so that they both can experience the big leagues consistently rather than in spotty relief, so their eventual demotion(s) only serve as drastic motivation to get back.

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