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Post-ASB Rotation Set


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Rocket returns: When the Marlins open the second half of the season against the Astros, it will mark Roger Clemens' return to South Florida.


The last time Clemens was at Dolphin Stadium was Game 4 of the 2003 World Series. He walked off the field to a standing ovation because it was assumed he was retiring.


Dontrelle Willis was among the Marlins players applauding, but even then he wasn't convinced Clemens was done.


"He just seemed too strong. He was too competitive. I was like, 'I don't know. The guy's still throwing 92,' " Willis recalled thinking to himself.


He is eager to see The Rocket's return. "He's a future Hall of Famer, and I'm glad I can see him again.''


Clemens will start Friday against Anibal Sanchez. Roy Oswalt will start Thursday against Willis in a rematch of the season opener. Josh Johnson will start Saturday against Andy Pettitte. Ricky Nolasco will start Sunday; the Astros have not announced their starter for that game.


Source --Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post, July 10, 2006


This rotation is just terrible in my opinion. Why give Anibal the second spot in the rotation over JJ? Girardi should not keep Ricky as the number 3 pitcher either, IMHO. his spot and Scott Olsen's spot should be flipped as Olsen is pitching much better than Nolasco over the last few weeks (and over the first half as a whole) and it gives Nolasco a little bit more time to work through his recent control problems.


By the way, someone should send Capozzi a note and let him know this is not the first time Clemens has been back to DS since the '03 World Series. I was at a game last season at DS in which Clemens dominated the Marlins, though it was a close game since A.J. managed to put in a decent outing that night and the Astros bullpen gave up a run or two.

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Nice catch. Well, I like this rotation even less now. Why give Anibal the number 2 spot in the rotation over JJ? This doesn't make sense. What do you all think?



Dontrelle is going first...



Fixed the post now, thanks.

he probably is going by amount of rest these guys get, when they throw bullpen sessions, etc. thats all...of course its my opinion that with this many quality arms, you could throw the names in a hat and get equally as good of a rotation...if only their maturity and control would come around like their talent has shown what they are capable of

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It is by bullpen rest and days off to start the 2nd half. We also have a double header with Philly looming.



I can see some logic in Girardi's rotation looking at the schedule. Anibal's third probable start falls on an off day (July 24), so I guess he gets two more starts to prove he belongs in the bigs right now. If he gets shelled, he gets sent down and JJ starts the 7/25 game.

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If Olsen goes 5th that means our two lefties are going back to back, and that'd be the one thing I wouldn't agree with. Thing is though with rest days, possible promotions/demotions (as others have touched on above), the chances that this rotation order lasts more than a few weeks is doubtful anyway.

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