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Robaina Talks Marlins Stadium on TV


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Changing around, I came across channel 76 and I saw Robaina. He was on a show called "Miami Business Profile" on Miami-Dade TV. He talked about the Marlins a bit.



- Stadium in itself is not a big economic generator. It's part of a greater vision: MLB, entertainment, restaurants- a new kind of ?destination place.?

- Ideal area for this- people from all of Dade and Broward, Palm Beach- this will be regionally impacting, not just for City of Hialeah. Stadium being there will help attract people from all over.


- At first, this was a land deal. Now, it's a real estate deal, a financing deal.

- "We?re close"

- Because this land has had little to no tax value up to this point, the county and city can come up with creative financing tools. Can possibly expand certain areas of the city to bring in more revenues.


- MLB was in town, they can be intricate. They helped in DC, and they want baseball here.

- We have the obligation to help and try to create the right opportunity for all parties involved: Hialeah, Miami-Dade, MLB, Florida Marlins. Trying to be a "good partner." This will help Hialeah, but will also have a regional impact.

- All major areas have MLB, why not us?

- With right situation, Marlins will be able to improve team, get an All Star game, maybe the Final Four, etc. So many options open up.


- Stadium site has great accessibility for all, and the infrastructure is already there: turnpike, I-75, Palmetto, Gratigny, I-95 is 15 minutes away.

- Has gotten emails from people in Naples and Marco Island saying they can be there in 1:15 minutes, and would love for the stadium to be built there.



That's about it, I tried to take notes as close as possible to what he actually said... I'm fired up, I don't know about you.

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