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Need Info on life in Ohio

El Guapo

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I got a really good buisness oportunity offered to me but it involves moving to Xenia, Ohio


I know there are some people on this site that live in that state and i was wondering if you'd be so kind to give me a little info on the state like things to do and go see....at what time most things close.....cost of living....any good fishing spots......you know general stuff like that........any info would be appreciated.....

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Xenia is somewhat close to Dayton, having lived in Dayton and Fairborn I can give you some idea of the things around you.


Let's see, Fairborn is a military town next to the air force base. There's two kinds of people in Fairborn, military peeps and f***ING weirdos! Legit. The guy that owns all the shops in town is named Roy Foy. And the shops he owns? Predominantly halloween and costume shops. Let's see, there's a costume shop/hardware store/pet store, a costume and candy shop, another costume shop, a horror museum and, I think it's still called, Foy's Diner (60's style food at 70's prices with people from the 80's). Fairborn is a REALLY cool place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there (no joke: during Halloween they put speakers up in the town and play the Halloween theme 24/7).


Dayton's got a pretty cool bunch of underground scenes. There's a weird little porno niche where they have these up and coming pornstars shooting amatuer movies, there's a CRAZY porn store where you can watch these same future stars of porn dance for a couple of bucks. The art district is cool, a bunch of weird little shops with a pretty cool bookstore; not sure if the movie theatre is still open there, though (the last theatre to feature Cinerama; Tarantino would come in occasionally and go to the Cinerama filmfest).


Then there's Yellow Springs. Home of Antioch College, where the students grade themselves. John Lithgow is a former alum and thus in every shop in Yellow Springs they sell John Lithgow's "singing in the shower" cd's. Anyway, it's a cool hippy community and the best place to get drugs and drug paraphanalia. And it's also home to Dave Chappelle and his parents (he owns a ranch and they teach at Antioch). Before he got big I used to see him coming out of the local headshops on occasion. Anyways, you can get any kind of weird-ass book, bongo drum, Indian cigar-store totem, etc. at Yellow Springs. It's also home to Young's Dairy where you can get quality ice cream, malts and shakes.


There's lots of stuff to see and do, you just need to find it. Just like anywhere else. There's also some decent college basketball in the area (Wright State, Dayton and Cincy if you're willing to make the 40 minute drive) and the same goes for baseball (Dayton Dragons have an AWESOME park in the middle of the city, you can see the Reds for a decent ride).

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well i dig rollar coasters big time...i highly suggest cedar point...i havent been there in years but it was bad ass...i believe when i went they had the rollar coaster with the fastest drop from the top or something crazy like that



Cedar Point is closer to Cleveland, making it a hell of a haul from Xenia/Beavercreek. King's Island is only about 35-40 minutes away, though. It's not Cedar Point, but it has it's good points (it's now owned by Cedar Point, so we'll see what direction that drives the park).


As for the Reds, I like them, but man that team's a ticking time bomb. I don't trust them. I'm waiting on that really bad stretch. I just don't like 75% of their roster either, thus making it harder and harder for me to root for them/care.

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