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Hilarious 790 The Ticket Billboard


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I wish I would have had a camera today, but I passed a hilarious billboard for 790 The Ticket radio.


The billboard shows Joe Rose on the left side, and Dan LeBetard on the right.


What makes it so funny is, a bunch of seagulls decided to make this billboard their perch, and crap all over it.


However, the best part is, all of it is over Dan LeBetard's face.


The moral of the story is: Even seagulls hate Dan LeRetard. :lol

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I can't tell if you are being serious or not...but that is the design of the billboard.


I am, but that didn't look intentional to me.

They were talking about it on LeBatard's show a couple weeks ago. I am almost positive it's there by design. If not, why would they leave bird crap on the sign for all this time?

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Do you listen to his show? Thats the idea of the board. Those same seagulls will be there crapping over LeBetard's face the next time you see it. He and Stugotz came up with it and I can't tell you how many times they were called about the billboard asking why the birds are only crapping on his side of the board. And they laugh at all of you who ask that question.

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It doesnt look like that at all.




On a another note. I never thought I would like LeBatards show but I find myself laughing whenever I listen to the show.


The Wade Jones/Mickey Arison Stay White Miami bit was freakin hilarious.


LeBatard has been my favorite radio host since he started in September 04.

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