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Interesting stat regarding Marlins errors

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Reading a Sentinel article I came across this:


The Marlins are 24-15 when they play errorless ball, and 16-35 when they boot a ball.


That's a pretty startling difference. Just goes to show you how close most of these games are, & that one little mistake can swing the game either way.


I don't know historically how strong the correlation is between winning % and # of errors, but just taking a quick look at the stats this season, it appears that of the 8 teams with the lowest # of errors so far, 5 of them would be in the playoffs right now: Boston, Padres, Cards, Oakland, and the White Sox.


And as for the Marlins..... while we have the 4th highest # of errors in baseball, we also have by FAR the league's youngest average age (nearly 2 full years younger than the next closest team).


So if you assume that errors will decrease with experience...... well, it's yet another thing that points to some great things for this team's future.

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Reggie is better defensively than Amezaga. I don't think there is any way to question that. Even if Reggie gets a bad break on a ball, he's much faster and he closes great.


much faster? I'm sure he'd win a race, but I doubt that he's MUCH faster. I mean MUCH faster would be Abercrombie vs Mike Jacobs or something. Amezaga's got 7 steals, he's not exactly slow.

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