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Marlins / Giants - Head to head........


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Here is how our boys fared this season against the Giants. While the end result wasn't good, I like the scores. We were NEVER blown out, and 3 of the games were pre-McKeon, Willis and Miggy.


I like our chances:



Florida Marlins

2003 Schedule



Date Opp. Time/Res. Win./Prob. Pitcher


May 6 San Francisco Lost 2 - 4 Joe Nathan (3-0)

May 7 San Francisco Lost 2 - 3 Damian Moss (5-0)

May 8 San Francisco Lost 2 - 3 Joe Nathan (4-0)


Aug 22 @ San Francisco Lost 4 - 6 Sidney Ponson (15-9)

Aug 23 @ San Francisco Lost 2 - 3 Jim Brower (8-4)

Aug 24 @ San Francisco Won 7 - 4 Carl Pavano (10-11)

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Wow, I didnt realize all of the games were that close. While going 1-5 is not good, when the games took place should be looked at as well. That first series was when the Marlins were in a big-time tailspin, and was the last full series managed by Torborg. And the second series was in the midst of that dejecting road trip after getting swept by the Rockies. The Marlins are playing much better now than at either of those times.

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