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Columbine Video..


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It's not an actual Columbine video it's from a movie entitled 'Zero Day'.


I'm assuming that's what you mean as that lip has been floating around the net. It's pretty realistic looking though.


was the one you saw in black and white?


if it was fake the one i saw then dang,it looked hella real,i can't find the video now,but i'm looking for it.

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This: http://kaktuz.com/jkk/Columbine_Massacre_footage.html ?


(NSFW ads)



I think that video is an obvious fake (aside from the porn to the side, which I was mostly watching anyways). I think you could tell just by the way it was shot and the awkward and sometimes laborous (word?) and extended paths the kids would take to get to their destination. Especially all the back and forth.


Kind of reminded me of a flock of gazelles on an open plane the way they were running around.


And that's not me hating. :thumbup

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Ya that's the video i saw,i think i'll be visiting this website more often,i saw te video on Heaven666.org..whats that beeping sound in the background in that video,and who the hell is talking to the lady on the phone?if it was a student or teacher shouldn't they be running

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